Who are The Citizen Detectives?

The Citizen Detectives are a group of mystery authors who are obsessed with true crime. They include in no particular order: myself, Ava Mallory,  Stephanie Damore ,  K.M. Waller ,  Jenna St. James , &  Carolyn Ridder Aspenson .  ​ Our mission is to shine a light on unsolved crimes from the past to present. Our focus is to highlight the stories of marginalized individuals. We want to tell their stories, in some small way be their voice, and hopefully, do something that can make a difference through our voices, our podcast (Coming soon!), and our personal takes on issues. ​ We aren't crime-solvers. We don't know the ins and outs of traditional investigations, but we know the difference between right and wrong and are determined to advocate for crime victims and survivors everywhere. ​ Visit our website here:   The Citizen Detectives